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RIAnimation v1 is officially released!

Bring your ASP.NET projects to life with RIAnimation. We have taken the jQuery UI JavaScript library and combined it with the power of ASP.NET. Our goal is to provide the rich, interactive animations in jQuery to the millions of Micosoft ASP.NET developers. RIAnimation gives you (a developer/designer) the ability to add animation to your ASP.NET websites without writing a single line of code. At the same time we have exposed JavaScript builder utilities that empower you to create customized animations as simple or complex as you can handle. We really have created the easiest and most powerful way to implement animation in ASP.NET. With RIAnimation, adding sophisticated interaction to your existing web apps is as easy as dropping our control on the form and setting three properties!

Animation Support

  • Drop Animations

    DropInFromTop, DropInFromBottom, DropInFromLeft, DropInFromRight, DropOutToTop, DropOutToBottom, DropOutToLeft, DropOutToRight

  • Slide Animations

    SlideInFromTop, SlideInFromBottom, SlideInFromLeft, SlideInFromRight, SlideOutToTop, SlideOutToBottom, SlideOutToLeft, SlideOutToRight

  • Movement Animations

    Bounce, Shake, Fold, Unfold, Implode, Explode, TransferTo

  • Blind Animations

    BlindInVertically, BlindInHorizontally, BlindOutVertically, BlindOutHorizontally

  • Fade Animations

    FadeIn, FadeOut, Pulsate

  • Scale Animations

    Grow, Shrink, Puff

  • Display Animations

    Show, Hide, Highlight, OpenVertically, OpenHoriztonally, CloseVertically, CloseHorizontally

  • Launch the Animation Viewer!

RIAnimation Features

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RIAnimation is completely free ASP.NET software and is offered under the MIT License.


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